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On the Nature of Sunshine

2018 ENT Center for the Arts, UCCS

Choreography Patrizia Herminjard & Prentiss Benjamin

Dancer Prentiss Benjamin

Liquid Language


Choreography and Text Patrizia Herminjard in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers Chelo Barton, Magdalena Horowitz, Jaiel Mitchell

Drummer Ian Huschoe

Millions and Millions


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard






Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Dancers Lena Engelstein, Alex Farr, Miles Lowe, Eden Lumerman,

Jaiel Mitchell, Trevon Newmann, Elena Perez, Kimiko Tanabe

Music João Donato, Owain Phyfe, Mike Wall

Text Excerpt from Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih;

It‘s the color of my skin that makes me invisible by Alex Farr

Beneath the Surface


Premier at Ormao Dance Company's 25th Anniversay Season

Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Amon Tobin

Dancers Tiffany Tinsley Weeks, Venese Medovich

Costume Design Patrizia Herminjard

How to be more likeable


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Polygon Window, Max Richter, Electronic metronome, Cafe sounds from 

McDonald's in Birmingham England, Audio from Marie Dubuque

Dancers Caitlin Canty, Marin Day, Lena Engelstein, Sofia Franklin, Rachel Gibbs, Paige Harari, Kimiko Tanabe

Costume Design Gypsy Ames

Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons recorded by Gilles Apap & the Colors of Invention, Max Richter, Berliner Philharmoniker

Dancers Emily Gold, Laura Hymers-Treglia, Benny James, Katy Mervich, Tiffany Tinsley-Weeks, Claudia van Poperingen



Ormao Dance Company in collaboration with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

2014 Performance Installation

Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Glen Whitehead

Dancers Mary Ripper-Baker, Emily Gold, Katy Mervich, Kerry O'Brien, Rochelle Roebuck, Laura Treglia, Jen Viola, Caitlin Canty, Kimiko Tanabe, Valerie Griesan, Vallen Medovich, Thea Roland, Lydia Hurcomb, Lilly Parsons, Laine Thomas, Aurora Tobey

5 Postcards in Full Color


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard and dancers

Music Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons recorded by Gilles Apap & the Colors of Invention, Max Richter, Berliner Philharmoniker

Dancers Lia Bentley, Caitlin Canty, Marin Day, Lena Engelstein, Justice Miles, Dustin Ordway, Sylvie Scowcroft

Costume Design Gypsy Ames

What lies between

2013 Performance Installation

Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Adam Stone

Dancers Memories: Nora Alami, Tinka Avramov, Caitlin Canty, Lena Engelstein, Rachel Gibbs, Flora Liu, Justice Miles, Kate Rafter, Kelly Varian, Anna Zekan

Fallen: Adam Dickerson, Dustin Ordway Dreams: Penuel Bickley, Abigayle Cosinuke, Kevin Dorff, Andy Wowor

Costume Gypsy Ames, Dresses by Andrew Manley



Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Music Kronos Quartet performs Flugufrelsarinn by Sigur Rós,441811 Dead Radio Channel

Dancers Mallory Berge, Adam Dickerson, Dolo McComb

Costume design Gypsy Ames

Photography Bill Starr

The 12 Steps of Physical Intimacy


Choreography  Patrizia Herminjard
Set / Video Design  Patrizia Herminjard

Music  Jack Hylton, Angélique Kidjo
Dancers  Mallory Berge, Jordan Brooks, Shan Shan Chan, Adam Dickerson, Caroline Janeway,Banele Nkambule, Eleanor Olson

Costume Design  Gypsy Ames

Photography Bill Starr

the sense against calamity


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Videographer Madison Moross

Music Philip Glass, Detektivbyrån, Bruce Brubaker, Sigur Rós, Rachel’s, Brian Eno, Rachel’s, Alan Lomax In Haiti

Dancers Mallory Berge, Jordan Brooks, Adam Dickerson, Dolo McComb, Eleanor Olson

Costume design Gypsy Ames

Photography Bill Starr


There may always be a time of innocence,

There is never a place. Or, if there is no time,

If it is not a thing of time nor of place,

Existing in the idea of it, alone,

In the sense against calamity, it is notLess real. 

Wallace Stevens 

jour et nuit


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Dancers Madison Moross, Dolo McComb, Caroline Janeway, Amy Rubin, Rosemary Puloka

Original music Adam Stone

Costume design Gypsy Ames

Photography Bill Starr

Vignettes of life and death


Dancers Lauren Aczon, Sophie Chudacoff, Colin Epstein, Emily Houston,Caroline Janeway, Claire Kritter, Rosemary Pulokak, Rebecca Siegel, Bryndon Tarafa

Original score Adam Stone

Costume design Gypsy Ames

Photography Bill Starr

time and time


Choreography Patrizia Herminjard

Dancer Rebecca Siegel

Sound collage Patrizia Herminjard

Music JFK’s Innaugural Address; aria from La Wally

Set design and costume design Diane Cole

Photography Bill Starr

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